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2018 - Rock and Read with Snippy Doodles

"Libraries Rock" -Snippy provides a fun and educational presentation using songs, props, and interactive audience participation to help children engage in the love of reading.

Snippy Doodles also performs as Doodles the Magician Story Teller

Snippy Doodles is a family entertainer. She performs at schools and libraries as a silly character who loves to make people laugh as she encourages the joy of reading. Renate McIntosh, Snippy Doodles, has her M.Ed. in Special Education which helps her utilize her skills in her performance. Snippy Doodles has been preparing her show "Rock and Read with Snippy Doodles," for the 2018 Summer Reading Program, which is themed around music.

Rock and Read with Snippy Doodles "Libraries Rock" Library summer reading program

Snippy uses balloon art, magic, silly props and storytelling to engage her audience. Snippy Doodles has incorporated lots of audience participation into her show to maximize the fun! Rock and Read contains references to various children's books. Snippy's talent will shine through to promote your library in a unique and entertaining way.


2017 - Snippy's Construction Zone

During Snippy's Construction Zone (Build a Better World) She used her magic and balloons to talk about making wise decisions.

Snippy Doodles the Clown Magic and Balloon Show
"Build a Better World" summer library reading program
We talked about the books "We talked about three books that referred to building a brick wall. Snippy Doodles always utilizes library books in her programs

We used a brick wall to help Build a Better World.

Just a little magic with Snippy Doodles for "Build a Better World" Library Summer Reading Program
Making good choices. "Build a Better World" Library Summer Reading Program

Learning to do the right thing. What would you do if you

found something that didn't belong to you?

Snippy Doodles talking about responsibility, respect, and trust. "Build a Better Wrold"

I'm a responsible person.


Grand finale of Snippys Construction Zone. By working together we can all build a better world
children and snippy doodles building a balloon house for "Build a Better World"

Working together to build a house. Synergize!